Light, the beginning of the journey

At the edge of day

First off, I would like to thank Rick Sammon for encouraging me to start this blog.  I had been thinking about starting up a blog to go along with my website.

Light, without it we as photographers would no be able to photograph the world around us. Yes, photography is very subjective form of art, but in a way that is good it allows us to interpret the would around us as we see it. To record the journey of life, lived at it’s fullest.

On this blog I will be posting

-New images,

-Tips for editing your photos in Aperture

-Reviews of the camera equipment that I use

Learning is something that we as humans do constantly and as photographers even more so. To learn and then horde that knowledge is selfish and unfair for other photographers who could benefit from the knowledge that you posses.  Are you ready to start this journey?


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