Published in the Southwestern Union Record!

My photos and article I wrote for the Southwestern Union Record were published in the February edition.

At the end of December I went down to Houston TX, to attend the Generation of Youth for Christ annual conference.  While I was there I was also on assignment for the Southwestern Union Record, covering the event.

When you are covering an event like this for a magazine of newspaper.  Each photograph you take has to be thought out.  Your editor may have given you a list of specific shots they want or they may tell you to cover a certain part of the event for the magazine. Either way, you have to think about each shot before you take it.  The shot must fit into the catigory you were given otherwise you are just wasting you time, what with shooting, going to the person or persons getting their statements and editing.

Most of the photos in the article were taken with the Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L lens.  This lens is great in that it covers just the right focal length allowing you to get right in the action and get that intimate photo that puts the viewer in the story.  When photographing events like this you have to take it slow, for the most part things look better up close, so don’t be shy of the people you are photographing. You are there to do a job, when you see your photograph taking shape, get in there and take it, because it is likely to be your only chance.

Here is a link to the article.


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