Waterfalls at Roaring Fork

This is the pano I took yesterday while at Roaring Fork. I stitched three photos together to create this photograph.

On Friday I had the opportunity to go to the Roaring Fork area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  I always get exited when I get to photograph waterfalls, you can create something that your eyes can not see.  Yesterday was no different, I arrived around 5:30PM and ran down to the waters edge.  A large rain storm having just passed though the area the night before the water level was high and the flow was great. A person could spend all day at Roaring Fork and still not photograph all the cascades and waterfalls.

Because time was short I concentrated on two waterfalls at this one pull off. The sun was low in the sky allowing me to get the long exposures I needed to create my photographs.

This is the view from the bank next to the water. The rocks are covered in thick moss which can be slick when wet:)

The 5D Mark II performed beautifully, the photos posted here and on my Flickr page were taken at iso 50 and ranged from 8-20 seconds in length.  I will be returning to the Roaring Fork next week to continue photographing the waterfalls.


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