On Thursday Nikon announced it’s newest camera, the Nikon D3200 DSLR.  It seems like an interesting camera
especially with wifi. 
Dad and I were talking about the Nikon 3200, mainly about the amount of megapixels in it.  It seems strange to think that in 2006 the Canon Rebel XT that I had was 8mp, and for the most part people thought that that was a decent amount of mega pixels.  Now today we have high end models of cameras with 16-36mp, and an entry level camera with 24mp. Dad was saying that in five years cameras could have 100mp. I thought that was strange at first but after thinking about it I concluded he was right. Think about it, 2006 was 6 years ago, digital was just starting to be a good option along with film photographers know had two choices.  In 6 short years we have gone from 8mp to 36mp, in 2010 Canon came out with a 120mp sensor, the technology is there, camera makers I think are just waiting for the right time to introduce it to the masses.  I hate to think about the file size coming off of a 120mp sensor in JPG format not to mention RAW, or if you decide to make a pano. Image
    I think that before they can do that, other pieces of technology need to catch up.  Computers and monitors ned to be brought up to speed, sure there are computers that can handle large file sizes and monitors that can display 4K or 5K resolution correctly, but the price tag on such items is more then the average Joe can afford. Theses companies should take a hint from the camera companies and start introducing products that can handle the resolution that is beginning to be made public.  I can’t wait to see what the next five years will hold as far as technology is concerned, with the Nikon 3200 having wifi capabilities I wonder what technology the Canon 5D mark 4 or the Nikon D800x? will have.

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