Shearing Day!

7:30AM, Ready to work.

Shearing the first Alpaca

Getting ready to roll the alpaca over to start shearing the other side.

At the end of March we had a shearing day, where we sheared all of our llamas and Alpacas. It is a busy day, staring the evening before getting the barn ready clearing out unneeded items. Setting up chairs for the visitors and helpers to sit on, putting plywood down, leveling the barn floor… The next morning the fun begins at 6AM. Eat a quick breakfast, then head outside and catch the llamas and alpacas that would be sheared that day. The shearer arrives at 7:30AM and sets up his stand and gets the pulleys and ropes ready.  By 7:45 the shearing begins, Jamie is a great shearer, from the time the animal is grabbed and the shearing has begun it’s toe nails are clipped and it has been dewormed, all of 15 min has gone by.

Bags of Fiber

As the day progress the bags of raw fiber start to pile up in one corner of the barn.  Some of the people who come to watch the shearing are knitters and spinners.  They take a look at the fiber and see which animal it has come from and then buy the fleece on the spot, they also have the option to buy last years fleeces which have been turned into yarn or roving.

This little fellow wanted to hold one of our chickens, he had a blast.

I want the bag with the grey fiber please.

Around 12:30 or so the shearing is done and the different farms who have brought their animals to be sheared are heading down the driveway.  We are all sore from all the catching  the animals and hauling the ropes for the shearer, however our day is far from over.  We now pick up the barn, grab the bags of fiber and take them to the house where they will be cleaned so we can send them to the mill to be processed into yarn.


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