Chattanooga Market

Last Sunday, I went downtown to the Chattanooga Market.  Located at the First Tennessee pavillion the market is full of local vendors from area farms selling fresh produce.  You also have a good deal of local artisans selling their crafts and other projects.  Tables and chairs are set up for those who need a break from walking around and for those who want to sit and eat lunch.  Last Sunday was the 4th annual Beast Feast cook off and tasting event, when I arrived at the Market they had two decent sized pigs slowly roasting on a pair of spits in the open air for all to see.  The Market also has attractions for kids, such as the climbing wall, there was a line of kids waiting to try to climb the rock wall. Using Light Room 4, I brought down the highlights there by evening out the exposure.

Around 1:00PM their was a concert by the band “Strung Like a Horse”  They are a local Folk/rock band, and the crowd loved them.  After playing a couple songs a small tent was put over their stage to keep the players cool from the hot sun beating down.  Enjoy the photos!


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