Red Clay Farm

Red Clay farm is located in in Southeast TN near the GA border, and it’s my favorite place on earth.  When you first turn into the driveway you are met by a sign post announcing the various types of produce and farm fresh eggs that are for sale.  Driving up the driveway you come to the top of a small hill and are met with a panoramic view of the pastures, barn, chicken coops and house.

Looking around you see many different varieties of animals, from Lamas, Alpacas and Horses to Chickens, Jacob Sheep and Angora Goats.  Each animal has it’s own personality.  In the evenings, when the temperatures drop a few degrees the sheep start running around chasing each other and jumping for the pure joy of life I suppose, sometimes the lamas and Great Pyrenees will join in the fun.

The chickens along with Silky (the rooster), their very fearful and puffed up leader, wander all over the pastures eating bugs, worms and ticks.  When feeding time comes, they all rush after the golf cart, and when it comes to a stop at the barn a bunch of chickens will jump on the back of the cart where there is a huge bucket of feed for all the animals and they start feasting like there is no tomorrow.

During the Spring, Summer,and Fall seasons of the year, a large garden is planted next to the house. In it you can find greens such as lettuce and Arugula, Crook Neck squash, Zucchini, Pumpkins and Watermelons.  There is Corn, Green Beans, flowers and an herb garden, the herb garden has Parsley, Lavender, Rosemary, Basil and Oregano, just to name a few.  Produce is just starting to come in, soon the kitchen will be full of jars waiting to be filled with canned goods from the garden.  This year, Red Clay Farm is trying something different, with the larger gardens the farm is now going to a few different farmers markets in the area and selling the overflow crop.

Throughout the year, the farm is host to various events such as Lama and Alpaca, sheep and goat shearing.  Hotdog Roast in the fall when friends get together to roast hotdogs eat tater salad and enjoy each others company.  The fields have just been hayed and along one fence line there is a string of round bales waiting for winter when they will be eaten by the hungry farm animals.

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