Seattle and GYC 2012

GYC, this year was in Seattle Washington and the theme was “Acts, the Revolution Continues”  I was looking forward to going to Seattle for many reasons, for starters I was really stoked about the conference’s theme. The title says it all, continuing the revolution that was started in the Book of Acts, with the apostles. Thousands gathered to hear, speakers like, Wes Peppers, Mindi Rahn and John Bradshaw.

Photographically I could not wait to go see Art Wolfe’s gallery!!!!!!  Art has been one of my favorite photographers for many years. Having watched his show, Travels to the Edge, read his books and fantasied about what it would be like to go on a trip with him, his gallery was stop number one.  The thing I liked most about visiting his gallery was being able to see his work printed at very large sizes 60×40… His new work titled The Human Canvas was on display, all I have to say is WOW.

Walking the Seattle water front, going to the Pikes Peak market, seeing the Pikes Place Fish Market and the guys having a blast as customers ordered crab legs and Alaskan Salmon. The light was dim, so I found my self shooting with flash and pushing my iso’s a bit, in order to capture the flying fish.


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