Zollinger Wedding

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to photograph my first wedding. A friend of mine needed a second shooter, needless to say I jumped at the chance. We started the morning out, photographing the bride and groom and their respective parties getting ready. Then, it was time for the formals, the bride had several places she wanted to go so we were working fast to get the requested shots and move to the next location. Some of my favorite shots were taken at the Hidden Hills Farm with the bride on horseback, as well as the ones with the children, who would be participating in her wedding.

We had roughly about 45 mins between when we got back to the church and when the wedding would begin. During this time it’s a good idea to grab a bite to eat and drink plenty of fluids, if you did not have a chance before. The church, as to be expected was pretty dark, so flash and higher iso’s were needed for shooting the procession entering and leaving the sanctuary. While the main photog, stayed near the front of the church, I was able to move around and get shots from various vantage points, including the balcony. After the ceremony, it was a bit crazy trying to get all the family together for the formals. This part ran fairly smooth with almost all the family from both sides being close by, the hardest part with the groups being as large as they were was getting everybody positioned so no one was blocking anybody. After the farm shoot this was probably my 2nd favorite shoot of the day.
The reception, was the easiest part to shoot. With good light in the fellowship hall and the guests at ease, now that they had food, for the most part they were all happy to have photos taken of them. The bride and groom had fun with the cake cutting/eating as well as the garter and bouquet toss, before they sped off in their extremely decked out getaway van.
Overall, I was pleased with the way my photos turned out. As always there is room for improvement and look forward to hopefully getting the chance to photograph another wedding in the future and making those improvements.


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