2013, Exploratory Archeological Expedition to Tel Lachish Israel

I have been eagerly waiting to write this post for some time now.   In a couple days I will be joining a small archeological team from Southern Adventist University, as we travel to the historical/biblical site of Tel Lachish in Israel.  This city was an important one during the time when Israel settled in Canaan all the way up to when Nebuchadnezzar came and invaded Israel.  Most people may remember Lachish from the Lachish relief from the Assyrian King Sennacherib, who when the city refused to pay tribute to him, captured the city and took the people who were not killed, off into exile. During the two weeks we will be onsite, we will be conducting survey work of the site and digging a few squares.

Suitcase has been packed and I am in the process of arranging the camera gear that I will be taking with me. Because of the nature of this trip it is really important that I travel light.  As such I am keeping the gear I take to a minimum.  We will be arriving in Israel Monday late afternoon,  loading up a couple vans with all the survey equipment we are bringing along with other archeological supplies and a quadrocopter… aka the drone. 🙂   I can’t wait to see the aerial  photographs of the site that we get with this puppy.  On the weekends we will be back in Jerusalem,  I look forward to being able to photograph the old city with it’s many vendors and merchants selling their wares.

At this point I do not know how good or bad the internet connection will be over there.  I will be updating this blog as often as I can with updates from the site… who know I may even though in a photograph or two. 🙂


One thought on “2013, Exploratory Archeological Expedition to Tel Lachish Israel

  1. Wow! Seth, I know its not allowed, but I sure am envious of your Israel experience. Hopefully one day soon I too will be captivated by the smells and sounds of the market place. How exciting it must be to visit the place that we have read about in the Bible and potentially walk the same paths as Christ. While I am not the history buff you are I do have an appreciation for monumentous events of the past and the artifacts that leave behind fragments of the story. Furthermore, I commend you on the ability to “pack light”, this is something I have been struggling with for some time now (hehe)
    I wish you safe travels and new discoveries. Thanks for the photos! This allows me to live vicariously through you!


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