We made it to Israel!  Flights were uneventful till we got to JFK, when at midnight on the 14th our plan decided to have engine trouble and after a couple hours on board with the captain telling us that the problem would hopefully be fixed within the next 15-20min but he did not have a definitive time frame it was announced that the flight was being cancelled, so everybody who had not already debarked, got off the plane and gathered around the delta desk in one large mob.  I was able to stay with the luggage and so was able to avoid that mess.  Tried getting some sleep during this time but was not very successful.

Our group of 4 finally left JFK around 7AM the next morning completely exhausted and and bummed out. Spending half a day and all night in New York City was not on any of our plans for this trip.  After arriving at the hotel Delta so graciously booked for us. :/ I grabbed a quick bite to eat showered and fell into bed around 8, slept till almost 12 noon when we got up and went back to the airport.  We had to get there early because not only did we need to go through security, print new boarding passes but once we were checked into the plane we had to go through an Israeli checkpoint before boarding 747.

The Flight took 10 hours. funny seeing the sun come up a few hours after take off…  I sat next to an Orthodox Jew on the way over.  Certainly had some interesting conversations with him and learned a good bit about his religion and Israel in general. We finally landed to joyful cheering from all onboard the plane. 🙂  Security is not to bad, long as you are legit they leave you alone, customs was also a breeze.

We got our rental vehicles and off we went.  Was amazed to find rows and rows of vineyards growing next to the highway. You could actually see the blue grapes from the road.  There were also fields of some kind of melon and I think fruit trees as well.  The air is very dry nothing like TN and very dry looking country side, sandy in color.  Jonathan, you would have like to see there hay bales. I will try to get a shot if I see more later but the bales are square and about the size if not a bit larger then the round bales back home.  🙂

You know, I thought Ny taxi drivers were bad, they are great drivers compared to the Israeli/arabs.  Horns honking the whole time small motor bike squeezing through traffic like they own the right of way in spaces you would think a person could barley fit though. If the other driver is going slow that is coming twards you pull out and hope y  The streets are lined with vendors welling everything from remote controls to clothes to fresh fruits and breads.  I think I saw the tree definition of a farmers market today. Below you will see a shot of one of the vendors.

The breeze is gently blowing across the balcony, here in Jerusalem, that’s the one downside to photography and writing.  You can not capture the sound and the smells.  😦  Walking though a marketplace you are surrounded with all kinds of smells and sounds. Heard the Muezzin calling the faithful Muslims to prayer earlier this afternoon.

Well my battery is running low and I still have photos to edit.   I will post more  tomorrow, Good night ya’ll.

BTW, internet pretty slow will upload photos to this post when I can.


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