Lakhish Expedition

So last night was our first nigh in our “new” sleeping quarters.  It was interesting to say the least.  The Jakels came out and started howling very close to the rooms where we were staying, two cats got into a fight right outside our window and to top it all off right as we are going to bed, the girls who are staying here got done with there classes for the day and decided to head out and start yelling, talking and having a good time.  All good and fine during the day, but not when people are trying to sleep…  Back home someone starts making a lot of noise you can just grab a shotgun and go after them. Here, well that would be a bit harder. 🙂   There is talk that next year we might be staying at a place 10 mins from Lakhish.

This morning I headed down for breakfast, where I forgot my water so I went back to the room to get it and when I get back to the dining room, I here a babble of voices. Coming around the corner I see a group of about 20-30 men and women all armed with AR-15 standing around the door to the dining hall.  So I think to myself, oh boy now I am going to have to fight my way in for breakfast!  They were very nice and let me pass. 🙂

Today we spent the entire day at Lakhish.  (BTW, if you are wondering why I am putting a K instead of a C in LaKhish.  It is because in hebrew there is no C.)  Anyway, so we get to the site and unload the vehicles and start working on clearing the area, that we will be putting up the grid and digging the squares. It took all day to clear the area, the brush had long thorns, which were not to much trouble, since we all wore gloves.   We filled up an old excavation square with the brush we cleared, including some stones that were lining on the ground.

With the small bushes they are about 3-4ft high we cut them near the base but then had to dig the roots out. So seeing as how the shots I needed to get were mostly of the survey team and the others clearing brush I was able to help them with the clearing. So I took a pickax and went after the roots.  It was great because doing that I found several pottery handles, including one with a finger impression on it.  Totally neat to put my finger in the hole made by another human 2000 + years ago! 🙂 I have a photo of the piece below.  I found some of this pottery a few inches below the surface just by digging up the roots, cant wait till the squares are in full operation and we get to see what comes to light.

We had a lunch brought out to the site. However when we started to dig into the bread it was discovered that one side to the bread was completely moldy.  There went the main part of the lunch.  I had grabbed a few extra pieces of  bread from this morning so I had one of them and gave the rest to the guys.  I was right, it is grape harvesting season here!  A couple of guys from our team when out for more food and brought back a couple containers of grapes from the vineyards right next to Lakhish! Cant’t get much more local then that. 🙂  They were big and so sweet, but the best part was they were really wet.  With working in the sun all day with no shade where we work except for when we take breaks every 15-20mins anything that is cool and wet is very welcome.

The goat herder came back and I was able to get a few shots of him and his flock.  Being able to only shoot with an 16-85mm lens is tough when you really need a 200 to properly get a good shot of your subject without the flightily sheep moving.  Tomorrow we will be testing out the drone with the camera. Really looking forward to getting some ariel shots of the site, as well as some video. I was informed to day by one of the co directors of the site that they want some video for a reel they want to put together for promotion.  So glad I have a 1TB hard drive with me.

After tomorrow, we will be back in Jerusalem for the weekend.  I think I will be able to make it the Western Wall.  The Israeli’s don’t like it when you call it the wailing wall, a very sensitive people…   That’s it for today, I will be doing another post tomorrow.  Enjoy the photos.


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