Our first day on the site went fairly well.  We arrived at about 3PM and dove around the site looking for the road to the top of the tell. We found the gate that said do not enter and went in.  The road to the top of the tel is very steep and narrow, it’s best to have a person walking in front of the car as a guide till you get to the top then it opens into a field with plenty of room.  The site is very dry with pottery littering the ground.  You end up walking on it it is so common.  I found  several pottery rims of jars from the iron age, and a jar handle.

The site has been fairly extensive with old squares littering the site, you have to be careful you do not mis step and slip into one.  Tomorrow we will be clearing brush around the areas we will be digging the squares. In the photos below you can see the site from a few different angles.  When you see an arial view of the site it looks fairly small but the site is huge.  The very top of the tel is where the old palace used to be.

We took a two reading from the survey markers that were on the site. hopefully tomorrow we will be able to get the data downloaded and read.  There are a total of 10-12 of theses data points that will need data harvesting. and the harvesting takes about 45min for each point. 🙂

Surround Lakhish, the land is full of vineyards and it is grape season here so the farmers and vineyard tenders are busy hauling wagon loads of grapes in the the fields.   I would love to talk to one of them if they understand english. I think it would be advantages to learn Modern hebrew and arabic.  Apparently it is a insult to speak to an arab in hebrew…

So that is about all we did today, aside from moving “closer” to the site. we are still about an hours drive or so from the tel. Good for napping… 🙂  I will be posting again tomorrow with more shots, enjoy.


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