Preparing to Excavate

Day 3 on the dig.  We finished clearing the two squares and marked them, so we are ready to roll on Sunday afternoon.   The nice thing about Sunday will be that we should have the shade cloth up. so no more working in the hot Israel sun. 🙂   This morning we took the drone up for a couple test runs. We got it up to 70 meters, not quite sure what that equals in ft. I will have to look that up.  The fun part was doing some arial work for the Hebrew University on a part of the site that they want to see what it looked like from above before they start clearing the brush.

We got a few more tourist today, speaking of which, we were told that next week will be getting a large tour group of asians.  That will be good because we will have more hands on the site. 🙂

We are back in Jerusalem for the weekend.  Driving in on a friday afternoon, is an experience in it self. You have people who think that the lane they are in is two slow so the switch into the lane where the oncoming traffic is coming at them. Then when they realize, no we are not going anywhere in this lane they force their way back into the original lane that they were in.  By far the bus drivers are the worst. I suppose they think that because they have the largest vehicles on the road they have the right of way.  It will be so nice to take it easy for a day, tomorrow we may go to the old city and walk around or see some of the supposed sites that Christ was at.  I say supposed, because most of these sites were set up around the time of the crusaders based I believe on hear say not on actual fact.  Today they have become large attractions for pilgrims and tourist.

When we get back to Ramote  Shapira  on Sunday, ( that’s where we stay when we work on the site) We will be having a staff meeting with the HU to lay out plans for the coming week, should be interesting.

I will be putting up another post tomorrow, thanks for reading and enjoy the photos. 🙂


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