Digging Continues

Photos are being posted to the earlier blog posts, so be sure to check them out. 🙂

Now that the excavations have begun in earnest, we leave our Moshav e at 4:40AM and head out to the site.  This morning we arrived early enough to catch both the moonset and the sunrise! Pretty awesome.  We continue to dig down, finding more pottery and an odd coin or two.

This morning Michael and I flew the drone over Yosi’s excavations, photographing the city walls as well as the path and the well.  We also flew over one of our squares and took a few shots.  These photographs will be used for the top plans that our survey teams are working on.

Today and tomorrow we will have volunteers from the States. They are Chinese Americans. They worked well with both our excavations and Yosi’s.  Looking forward to seeing how much more work we can get done with the extra help. 🙂  As you can see from the photo below,  we have found what we think are the bases of pillars in the middle of the square. Looking forward to seeing what we find in next years excavations in this area. 🙂

We have been working on pottery washing, in the afternoons. We work on site during the morning and then after a long awaited nap we head out to wash the pottery in the back yard of the moshav e… That is if some of us don’t sleep though the pottery washing.  🙂

This evening, I was able to capture a nice sunset from the Moshav e.  The first one I have been able to successfully  capture while here.  Will post them tomorrow.  Enjoy the photos. 🙂



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