South East Animal Fiber Festival 2013

At the end of October I headed up to North Carolina to photograph the 2013 South East Animal Fiber Festival.  Working in arenas that provided me with little in the way of clean backgrounds reenforced the need to shoot tight and be in close with my subjects.  Photography is much more then simply making a pretty photograph.  It’s about making a personal connection with the person or persons you are photography.  Evan if all you do is say a few words you make a connection with the person.  In a way you are asking there permission to photograph them, instead of just shooting and then moving on, never knowing who they were.

The Festival is alive with people from across the nation coming in to do workshops, buy fiber products or the raw fiber.  Walking though the arena you walk pass booths that may be giving mini demonstrations on how to use one of their products or you may see knitters and spinners calmly knitting or spinning away along the sidelines as conversation flows about their favorite yarn or booth at the fair.

The lighting can be a little challenging in the arena, it is always fun to go in and see how low I can keep my iso and still come away with a decent sharp image. The reason for this is because the higher you push your iso the lower the quality will be of your image.   It is nice that so many of the vendors have small lamps or other light fixtures in their booths to light the products, makes my job a little bit easer.  🙂

I hope y’all had a very Happy Thanksgiving and have a Merry Christmas season.  🙂


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