GYC 2013

From January 1-4th, I was down in Orlando, Florida on assignment for the Adventist Review, covering the GYC (Generation of Youth for Christ) Conference.  My two main assignments were to cover a couple of different seminars and the outreach that happened Friday afternoon.  After I received my assignments from Bill Knott, the editor of the Review, I started planning in my head the type of photographs I would be making to help illustrate the two articles I would be writing in correlation to the images.

Having attended previous GYCs I knew to expect rather dim conditions in the seminar rooms.  Most presenters use power point and as a result the lights are dimmed.  The first seminar I covered was on the Emergent Church and was presented by Dr. John Markovic.  When I arrived at his room, I discovered that part of the window shade had been left open allowing for a good amount of light to penetrate the room.  The Mark III’s high iso capabilities meant that even though the room was relatively still dark I was still able to produce a good file with no noise.  The 2nd seminar I covered however, I was not so lucky.  The presenters were again using power point but the room was very dark, so using the available light from the screen and a few lights that had been left on at the back of the room, I was able to create a couple photos with the 35mm f1.4 at f1.6 at 3200.   I say create because there is more to photography than just pushing a button and hoping that the resulting image will be what you want it to be.  You have to think about the light, iso, focal length, and composing an image that will be in line with what the editor wants.

Covering the outreach, was fairly straight forward.  Once the training for the outreach had been completed, we all headed out to the long line of buses waiting for us outside the convention center.  After I got situated on board the bus I asked the bus leader to let me take a photograph before we left.  As you can see the dynamic range that the camera captures is very good.  I was able to pull details from both the highlights and the shadows and have an image reflecting what I saw on the bus.  Once we reached our designated drop off location,  several teams got off and we canvassed our area.

As far as the main meetings went, it was pretty much straight forward.  Once I got the color and lighting correct for the stage, the rest was simply working to compose good images of the speakers, choir or discussion panel.  I primarily used the Canon 70-200mm 2.8  lens.  It has a good range for stage work as I was able to be right at the front row and photograph.  Working with a full frame camera, at the wide end of 70mm it gave me the field of view to cover larger groups of people on stage.

I am pleased with the images I was able to make during this assignment.  I will post a link to the articles when they are published on the Adventist Reviews website.   In the meantime,enjoy the photos.:)


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