Geek the Library

4 weeks ago the Collegedale Public Library asked me to photograph a series of patrons for their Geek the Library campaign.   Theses photographs were not your normal formal portraits, eyes staring straight ahead, with what you hope will be a genuine smile on the subjects face.  The people I photographed were normal people that you run into at the store, who are passionate about something in life.  The word geek, as used in this campaign means to be passionate or highly knowledgeable about an item or subject.

A few of the people who I photographed had been asked ahead of time to come in and be photographed, however the majority were patrons who happened to be at the library during the time the photographs were being taken.  From young children, teens, adults and older persons, the range of personalities, expressions and geeks made the shoots a memorable experience.  You can stop by the Collegedale Public Library, and see the posters hanging from the ceiling in the main section of the library as you walk towards the front desk as well as in the children’s reading area.  Enjoy the photos. 🙂


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