Published in the Fall issue of Tastebuds Magazine

Tastebuds_Fall2015_FINAL_lowres-4 Tastebuds_Fall2015_FINAL_lowres-37 Tastebuds_Fall2015_FINAL_lowres-44 Tastebuds_Fall2015_FINAL_lowres-45

Photo on the TOC page, August issue of Adventist Review


Published in Churchbeat

Two of my photos from SonRise were published on the front cover of Collegedale Seventh-day Adventist Church Churchbeat newsletter. smile emoticoncbt4-15-15-1

On the Cover of Tastebuds!

Published in Creation Illustrated!






My photo is on the right. :)

CI Winter

Published in the Adventist Review

The article I wrote while covering the 2014 GYC in Phenix AZ has been published. AR GYC article

The Year in pictures, 2014 by the New York Times


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