Collegedale Public Library Promotional shoot

Tyler’s mom reading him the book, Bubble Gum Bubble Gum

About two weeks ago I was contacted by the Collegedale Public Library to do a promotional shoot for them so they could advertise about the library and alert folks to the fact that they can sign up for a library card.  The shoot was set up for this past Wednesday, the subjects were two library patrons Tyler and his mom.  When I arrived at the library Tyler was already walking around the book shelves and looking at books that interested him.  When working with small children, it is essential that you make a positive first impression in the first few minutes of your meeting.  Fortunately Tyler and I hit it off quite well, I followed him around as he choose a book for his mom to read to him, played on the computer and received a few books from one of the librarians to take home and read and as his mom and him checked the books out and he got a sticker from the librarian.


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